1. New multimedia portrait I’ve done for Independence Minded, about the Radical Independence Campaign mass canvas events looking to get a Yes vote in the Scottish referendum vote.


  3. Clip from my upcoming Independence Minded feature: Robin McAlpine asks people of Scotland “are you feart, or are you ready?”

    (Source: youtube.com)

  4. First part of interview with Alex Massie for Independence Minded.



  6. The latest feature from my Independence Minded? project. Enjoy!

  7. Photos and quotes from my Independence Minded? project.

  9. The first video I’ve made with my new camera, for Independence Minded?. Not one of the ‘proper’ portraits I’m planning for that project, but a wee talk to the Yes and No sides of the independence campaign at the Royal Highland Show.

    (Source: vimeo.com)


  13. My new project Independence-minded is now online. Find out a bit more about it here…

  14. Photo of one of my nieces from yesterday that I like, in the brisk Highland sunshine.


  15. First of the iWonder guides I produced, shot, edited, and photographed for the BBC is now online.